12 Days of Christmas – the bedazzler

Today’s ornament is all about the bedazzlement.  Yes, the bedazzle was part of my inspiration for this ornament.  The other part was Katie B’s DIY ornament found here and below.

In her blog post, she mentioned that the stones used made the ornament too heavy to hang so I searched Michaels for an alternative.  I found these.

Which reminded me of this childhood obsession….the Bedazzler…

And all the crazy things I remember making and thinking were so cool, especially my jean jackets, oh how I loved my bedazzled jean jacket.

Anyways, back to ornaments, I then found a pack of 12 clear ornaments at Hobby Lobby.  They were $7.99 but marked down to $3.99.

I broke out my favorite craft tool, my hot glue gun.

One by one the gems went onto the ornaments.

Add some different colored ribbon and you have some great sparkly bedazzled ornaments.

And there is day 2.  In case you haven’t caught on, my focus this season is on the sparkle and glitter….much more to come!

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