12 Days of Christmas – the cookie cutter

Today is the kickoff of the 12 Days of Christmas – Ornament Edition.  So in case you missed it, Andy and I have two trees to decorate this year and we need ornaments.  My goals are not so much cheap DIY ornaments but ornaments that will give our tree some spirit and a project that will fulfill my creative yearning.  The ornaments are not so much the cheapest things I could have created but they are ornaments that I love and ultimately created.  I will also try to break down the cost of each ornament.

So the first ornament is the cookie cutter. I found a lot of inspiration for cookie cutter ornaments on Pinterest.  So many great ideas out there.  I found these star cookie cutters at Michaels in the dollar section.

For the first one, I just took some ribbon and left it simple.

For the second one, I used some Elmers glue and Martha Stewart glitter (as a side note, if you are looking for a good glitter, Martha Stewart glitter is worth the extra money).

For the third one, I thought I would try applying some glitter to the inside of the cookie cutter.

And for the fourth and final cookie cutter, I decided to just keep it for the next time I make some sugar cookies.  Christmas isn’t complete without a star shining bright.

As for the cost of these ornaments:

cookie cutters: $4 (Michaels for $1 each)
glitter: $7.50 (Martha Stewart craft glitter, each about $5 but purchased with 50% off coupon)
glue: $0 (had on hand)
ribbon: $0 (had on hand)

Also, it’s important to note that the glitter I purchased for $7.50 will be used throughout these next 12 days of ornaments so if you divide the cost by 12 ornaments, that’s only $0.63 per ornament, not bad and I know I used glitter for more than 12 ornaments.

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