Thanksgiving Madness

I took the week of Thanksgiving off, from work and this blog. It was a time for me to recoup and get our house and projects in order. Little did I know that a week was not enough. Good thing I have another 2 weeks off at Christmas. Here is a little run-down of my week.

Monday and Tuesday was spent cleaning and pulling out our Christmas decorations (we don’t have much but we did get a second tree from a friend at the end of last year).

Wednesday was spent decorating and making the trip up to Waynesville for the next day.

Thursday we went to my Grandpa’s in Xenia to spend time with my mom’s side of the family for a Thanksgiving lunch. My grandpa’s house has woods and backs up to Ceaser’s creek so we took Barkley and my aunt’s two dog’s for a walk. They all loved it. And it was good for Barkley to play with some older labs. My aunt’s dog’s were 9 and 5 years old and were calm and obedient examples for Barkley. From there we went to Andy’s grandparent’s house in Waynesville and ate yet another delicious Thanksgiving meal.

Friday, Andy’s mom and I hit up the stores early Friday morning (5am to be exact). We started at Sam’s and ended at Value City. I got about 50% of our Christmas shopping done so I thought it was a successful day.

Saturday we had yet another Thanksgiving dinner but this time at my parents and my mom, sister and I cooked lunch. Andy’s parents came over as well as my dad’s sister and her family. It was a great time spent eating and watching football. (p.s. these are the only photos I took the whole weekend…unplugged I was!)

And then Sunday was the day of rest. This week wore me out and I’m a little under the weather and not really wanting to go back to work on Monday. Good news is only 3 more weeks until my next vacation…did I already mention that?

Oh and did you know that the Bernese Mountain dog won the Working Group in the 2011 National Dog Show.   Barkles is going to be a good looking dog when he is older.  I’ve been calling him “champion” all weekend. I think he likes it. 😉

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