what 80 years bring

How much knowledge does someone gain in 80 years of living?  This is something I pondered on our drive up to Waynesville to celebrate Andy’s grandfathers 80th birthday.  I know it’s immeasurable and I hope to one day sit down with him and have him share some stories with me.

If I had to describe Andy’s grandpa in 3 words, they would be humble, loving, and supportive.

Humble because until we busted out the cake, he really had no idea we were all there for his birthday.  Granted we celebrated his birthday a week early but as long as I’ve known the man, he has never asked for anything, except for seconds during Thanksgiving, but who doesn’t blame him, I will always take more of Grandma’s cooking.

Loving because he has been married to a great women for over 50 years.  He also raised two very loving children and many loving grandchildren. His love also goes deeper in that he has always put his love in God first and is a great model for that.
Supportive because he is always there for you.  When we needed to borrow a truck, weed whacker, or a fan to attend your sporting event, he is always there.  He is a man who loves his grand kids sports and is most likely their biggest fan.  Let’s face it, if you wear a Waynesville hat and sweater with your grand kids names and numbers, you know you are a number one fan.
We celebrated his 80th birthday by having dinner at Chop House in Dayton.  It was a great celebration.

I absolutely loved that Walter and Bertha matched!

And here’s a short video of the oh so famous birthday song.

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