prints, paper, paint chips and polka dots

I’m in a mad search for some art work for our bathroom walls.  They are as bare as…well the other walls in our house.  I decided to start with the bathroom to get some motivation since it’s the smallest room in the house.  So I gathered some art supplies, paper and frames.

Let’s start with the frames.  I purchased these at goodwill for a total of $8.  They were in mint condition.

I removed the backings and glass, gave them a quick sand, primed and then spray painted white.

Now for the artwork for the frames.  Here are the finished products.  I don’t know if I love every one but it got my creative juices flowing for future projects (or replacement artwork for these if they don’t work out in the bathroom).

The first one is made from paint chips.  Who doesn’t grab a stash of free paint chips when they go to Lowe’s or HD?  I always love free stuff, even if it’s just colored paper.

I chose some random samples, cut some strips and began assembling in sort of a subway tile formation.

Next frame is a simple bathtub artwork I googled and printed and framed.  I added some red accent to the towel with a colored pencil and called it a day.

The third frame I took some acryllic paint and a pencil eraser and just went to town.  There was something therapeutic about just stamping dots…don’t really know why.

The last frame I kept simple.  I just grabbed a piece of scrapbook paper and created a matte from card stock and called it a night.

Now I just need to figure out placement in the bathroom, which is probably the hardest part for me.  I’ll keep you posted.

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