Pinterest Challenge Reveal

For those avid followers of Young House Love and Bower Power, you all know that there is a Pinterest Challenge with submission due date today.  I was up late last night scurrying to get my project done.  I wanted to go bigger than the project I’ve chosen but with the work schedule I’ve been under the last few weeks, I knew I would have to take it easy. It’s not easy being a working mom (yes, I refer to my little bernese puppy as my child).

I’ve been pinning images of fall wreaths, something to give our front door some decoration for the fall season. See some of my pins below.

         Pinned Image     crafts+005.jpg (1200×1600)

Unfortunately, I also had limited supplies.  I didn’t have much time to shop for clearance fall items so I found some flowers I had around the house (which I previously purchased at Michaels for 40% off) and this grapevine wreath that I had purchased months ago in the hopes of  accomplishing something great.  I also picked up a wooden “W”.  I also grabbed some red ribbon, white acrylic paint and some guage wire.  I started by painting the “W” white.

Then I attached the flowers with the gauge wire as well as the “W” and then tied some ribbon to the top and voila.

I do plan to hang this wreath on our front door but since I didn’t get this project done until late last night (I usually don’t procrastinate so much), I opted to hang it on the door in our kitchen to get some good photos of the finished product.  I also would like to add some berries or leaves to this eventually. Maybe I can snag some at Michaels this week (because I admit, I am there at least once a week…got to use those coupons!).

The inspiration wreaths I pinned above can be found here and here.

6 thoughts on “Pinterest Challenge Reveal

  1. What a great idea! I have literally spent hours a Michael's trying to figure out how to use one of those twine wreaths without covering them with flowers and making them look super tacky.

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