another transformation

On a trip to goodwill awhile ago, I came accross this tray. 

I really had no need for a tray, I was just DIY hungry.  I knew with a little spray paint and mod podge, this tray had potential.  First I taped down the inside with newspaper and painters tape and gave it a quick sand to get any large pieces of dirt off.

I actually primed this first in order to get a better spray paint effect.

Next was figuring out how to cover up the sunflowers.  I had this wrapping paper lying around that I had gotten at Michaels awhile back.  It would look perfect. Not too much contrast. 

However, once I applied it with mod podge to the tray, it started to mass wrinkle.  Wrapping paper wasn’t thick not to adhere and not wrinkle.  So I had to search out other options.  I then went into my small stash of scrapbook/cardstock paper and found this.

The only downfall was that one piece wasn’t big enough to fill the entire space so I had to line up designs and use 2 pieces.  You can see the crease in the tray but when taking a step back, it’s really unnoticeable.  Plus, I figured there would be stuff on the tray so unnoticeable was my justification.

Once the tray was complete, I had to figure out where to put it.  Our house is in desire need of tables (dining room table, end tables, coffee tables, console table, you name a table, we need it).

So it’s sitting on our coffee table in the living room (the coffee table that I eventually want to get rid of but for now holds a bunch of “random” things since it’s our only one).

Here is a final before/after comparison.

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