Newest member of the fam – Barkley

Well we drove four hours north for a four legged pet, his name is Barkley and I am surprised at how much I love him.  He is six weeks old and a young pup who LOVES to chew things (especially my feet, which gets old fast).  Barkley was one of seven pups and by the time we had gotten to the breeder, there were 4 pups left.  Andy knew right away which one he wanted.  There was sort of a connection.

He is definitely a cute dog with some huge paws.  Picking out what pup we wanted was probably the easiest part.  Getting him to the car was another matter.  Not only was he wimpering but you could hear is brother and sisters in the garage wimpering and crying.  It was a sad moment.  We finally got him to the car and he was frightened and shaking.  We decided it was a good idea to hold him for the first part of the drive back in hopes to just calm him down.  AC on high, cozy blankets and an hour later, he was an angel and I was in love.

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