Country Living Fair

I ventured up to Columbus for the Country Living Fair this year.  Here are some pics of the event and things that caught my eye.  I did get some great ideas.

Loved this antique pin cushion…definitely could use this during my slipcover project (which is DONE and will post details soon).

And of course my attention is drawn to this beautiful chandelier. If only my husband would let me put a chandelier in every room of our house.

Although the price tag was kinda scary looking.

Love old silver.

Loved this store. So many ruffles and frill. Can’t wait to have a girl (or buy my niece Josey some dress up clothes)!

This was such a cute idea for a gift.  They were pages torn out of certain books like Christmas Eve, Fairy Tales and Legends wrapped up with a vintage key.

Along with my chandelier obsession, I do have a soft spot for some old fans.  This one is very similar to the one I saw at the auction awhile back.  You can check that one out here.

This scrabble wall decor we actually saw at a homerama this year in West Chester.  Great idea for a family room or game room.

There were a ton of Christmas decorations.  I particularly liked this one.

Another great wall art idea.

Who doesn’t love large birdcages. I can think of a handful of things to use this for, especially a bridal shower or something.

Amazing block letters.

And an amazing horse rocker.  My grandma actually had one of these when we were younger, not quite as cool as this one but brought back a lot of memories.

This is the closest thing to the Hollywood sign I’ve ever been.

I took this pic for my sister, who actually made one of these recently.

And is it possible to have a post without a HP reference.  Love the brooms!

This fair was fun and I got a lot of ideas.  I did actually buy some vintage metal stamps of a “J”, “&”, and “A” that I plan to frame.  Details on that project to come.

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