a project for my mother-in-law

My mother-in-law recently told me the plans for the spare bedroom in her house, to make it a kids room for when the grandkids come up from TN.  She added bunk beds, bookshelves and wanted some wall art.  I mentioned the idea of framing old children books like Cinderella or Jungle Book.  She mentioned how she wanted some of The Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew books.  So as a surprise, I made a stop at SVDP last Friday after work and found four photo frames for $0.50 each and some old books: The Hardy Boys, Box Car Children, Encyclopedia Brown and Sweet Valley High, each for $0.50 each also.  (boy these books brought back memories and I have to confess, I read about 1/2 of box car children while I was waiting for paint to dry…oh how I loved reading about the Alden children’s adventures back in the day).  I then swung by Lowe’s and picked up some spray primer and white spray paint and ventured home to complete my project since I would be going to Columbus the next morning with Sherry for the Country Living Fair.

First I started with the frames. They needed some prepping like removing and washing the glass, sanding down to get any large dirt off of them and ready for prime. You can see they are in pretty rough condition, however, the power of spray paint does wonders as you will see.

Some of the frames I selected weren’t meant for picture insertions so I had to remove the paper backing with a utility knife.

And then remove some of the staples in the frame that were popping out.

And now I’m ready to sand…

And then prime and spray paint…

I let the spray paint dry overnight before I handled the frames.  In the morning, I cut the cover to the books I had found out, washed the glass, made some matts out of white cardstock paper, reassembled the frames and put frame hooks on the back (which you can get from Michaels for about $5 for 20 hooks).

They really turned out great.  As an added bonus, since I had so many books lying around without covers, I cut out some heart-shaped pages and made this cute little picture with a spare frame I had from Ikea, some scrapbook paper and cardboard letters.

Now I can’t wait to return to SVDP for some more frames.  This project really made me realize the power of spray paint.  I hope Sherry liked these as much as me! I almost wanted to keep them.

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