last minute summer decorations

This week markes the last week of summer.  I’m not going to lie, I’m glad it’s leaving us.  I really don’t enjoy summer unless I’m on a beach or a lake.  It’s just too hot.  Anyways, to celebrate the end of summer, I’d thought I’d do a little summer decorating.  It really makes no sense as I should start to decorate for fall, but see Michaels had all of its summer flowers on sale (including my favorite, hydrangeas).  Afterall, this is the last week I can decorate for Summer.  There is no such thing as too late. So I snagged this hydrangea flower below for $3 and I already owned this styrofoam ball. 

I also pulled out my stash of pins.

And voila! A new piece for our mantle…well at least until Saturday when some rustic leaves take over.

p.s.  the ivory candle holder is the same one I found at SVDP for $3 here.  The glass soufle dish was also apart of that same SVDP trip and the candlestick hoder was one I purchased last year during the RRMS rumage sale.

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