double take

I received a text from my cousin Danielle this week announcing that she was engaged.  I responded a “congrats” and a “can’t wait to hear the details” kind of text but secretly hope for a text back from her with “will you help me with the wedding?”.  Fingers crossed.  Ever since my wedding, I’ve been keeping a folder in my head of all the great ideas I could/should have done and just waiting for the moment to use them.  I really should have been a wedding planner.

Danielle’s engagement made me think back to my own engagement and immediately thought of our engagement pictures.  As cheap as I am, I decided to have my sister help/take our pictures for us.  It really couldn’t have turned out better.  Here is my favorite picture.
Also, the pictures in our blog title are from Christine as well.  It was so much fun for Christine and I to just think of different poses or backdrops.  I remember Andy not really wanting to do an engagement photo but he was a good sport about it.  (As a side note, this engagement session was before Andy and I found a photographer so we actually did a second shoot just to meet our photographer).
Anyhoo, back to Danielle.  Thinking of our engagement pictures as well as Danielle’s engagement, I was reminded of this engagement session I found on my favorite site, Pinterest of course.  It’s a twist to an engagement session but I can’t help but think what a fun twist and a way to add some of the couple’s personality into the shoot.  I only wish I would have thought of this for our engagement.  
So Danielle, if you are reading, 1) I would love to help plan your wedding and 2) you know Christine and I would be willing to take some engagement pictures for you, only stipulation is that it may have some characteristics from the post above.

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