goodwill addiction

This past week, I visited my local St. Vincent DePaul goodwill store twice.  It was the first time that I have ventured out on the west side goodwills and boy was I surprised.  The store had a ton of stuff.  I knew that this would be a “must stop” weekly or monthly trip.  My first trip I went in looking for items for our fireplace mantle (updates on that decorating to come soon).  I came out with these items for a grand total of $7.50. A candle stick (which I may spray paint another color), a tall vase, a green candle, a small glass desert bowl (aka my new favorite candle holder), and the Memory Keepers Daughter (which is a great book that I read this summer and was only $0.50!).

The second trip to St. Vincent DePaul was with my sister.  I was excited to bring her there to show her my great find. The second trip I walked out with $23.75 worth of treasure.  First off, I found these great Christmas plates that were only $1 a piece (and they even came in a cute storage box).

Once I got home and checked out the details of my purchase, I realized that these plates were Hallmark plates AND were dishwasher safe!  I couldn’t be more happy with my $4 find.

The next purchase was the big purchase.  I debated it throughout the whole store when finally my sister told me to just go for it.  My nervousness was what Andy would say when he found out what I’ve purchased. Are you ready for it?  I purchased a china set.  Well not the whole set.  The only thing they had were the coffee cups, saucers and small plate…but it was a setting for 12 and pratcially brand new.

My hesitation also was caused by the fact that it wasnt a complete set.  The 10″ plate and bowl were missing from the set.  I knew it was a good collection though based on the brand.

I was curious as to the details of how much China costs (I didn’t register for any china for my wedding because there were too many other things we needed and would rather have than china that is only used once a year).  I started to explore different ways I could get the entire china set.  I started with Mikasa’s website and discovered that they no longer make the Winthrop collection.  However I found one very similar called Parchment (see below).
For a set of 5 pieces (so a 1 person set) was $49.99, so for a set of 12 people would be $600! Holy cow this stuff is expensive.  I then googled Mikasa Winthrop and found this replacement site that has gently used china pieces you can buy. My mom actually bought some missing pieces of china from this website that broke and was very pleased with it so I knew I would not be disappointed.  I found the Winthrop brand on the website and 10″ plates for $17.99 each.  Because I have a 12 person set, that equates to $215.88, which isn’t bad considering the whole set would set me back $600 if bought online, but it’s still not something I’m wanting to spend on china.  Plus that was just for the plates. The soup bowl on Replacement’s website was $12.99, or $155.88 for 12.  I’m not ready to make this big purchase yet, especially when the 12 piece cup, saucer and small plate set I found brand new at goodwill was only $17.75.
Through continuous searching on Mikasa’s website, I realized my solution.  There were many sets that had mix and match dinner plates with side plates like the one below.

My solution is to keep looking at goodwill for plates and bowls that I could accent with the china I already have.  Like the picture above, the side plate and the cup match and the dinner plate and soup bowl match, which is the same scenario that I have going for me.  I even thing something simple like a silver lining around the rim of the plate (like the one below) would be a good pair for my goodwill china. 

So my search continues.  My search also continues for a dining room table.  It’s not that fun using china if the table is old, ugly and rickety.
Oh and when I told Andy on my way home what I purchased, his words were “you are a replica of your mother”.  When I asked him if he cared that I bought the china from goodwill, his response was “you are helping out the poor”.  So glad my husband supports my goodwill shopping addictions.

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