Bible Talks

Wednesday night, my sister and I drove up to meet my mom and brothers at Emmanuel’s (the church we got married at).  Scott Hahn was speaking at 7:30pm.  Andy had an away volleyball game so couldnt make it, which was a bummer because I think he would have really enjoyed it.  In case you don’t know, Scott Hahn is a theologian who is currently teaching at a college in Stuebenville, OH.  He’s one of those people who know the bible in and out.  In fact, he knows it so well that during his talk Wednesday night, I couldn’t keep up.  He would spill out scripture versus and references so fast my hand was starting to hurt from writing them down and trying to keep up.

His talk Wednesday night was about Mary, however he didn’t stop there.  He gave a background of his life and how he has arrived at the spiritual place he is now.  His main point was that the New Testament should be read in light of the Old Testament and how the Old Testament is revealed in the New Testament.  You need both OT and NT to truly understand God’s meaning and the bible.  He gave a lot of examples.  The main one was Moses vs. Jesus. I’m looking forward to this weekend in going back to my notes and really reading through all of the references I jotted down that Scott provided and hopefully use this experience as a stepping stone into a deeper reading and understanding of the bible.

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