Labor Day Getaway

For this Labor Day weekend, Andy and I went down to Dale Hollow with some friends.  We stayed at Lori’s (our friends mom) house, which was on the lake.  We were looking forward to this weekend for a long time, just spending time with friends and relaxing on the lake. Lori’s house was amazing.  She bought the place when it was just a little shack.  She added onto the house and ultimately created a beautiful home with a gorgeous view.  We spent our days just relaxing on the water, playing games, and of course made room for the ND game on Saturday.  Here are some pics from this past weekend.

View from Lori’s back porch
Lori’s back deck overlooking the lake

Lori’s back deck

loved her red tin roof (esp Sunday night when it rained)
down the road was this cemetery that I just adored
most of the tombstones didn’t even have inscriptions on them
there was this cute bench that overlooked the cemetery

And I found a lot for sale!
Patti (Travis’ mom) on the boat
Amy and I first day on the lake
Lori’s idea of relaxing (kinda freaky)

there were even billy goats!
day 2 swimming (Abbey was able to come down for day 2)
Travis and Andy (aka male bonding time)
Matt trying to be sneaky
Abbey and Travis tubing

Patti (Travis mother) and Lori (Matt’s mother)
Amy and I tubing

everyone was so tired at the end of the day

This was such a fun weekend and we are so grateful that Lori let us all crash at her place for the weekend.  It was also a good time getting to know Travis and Matt’s mothers better!  Can’t wait to plan the next trip to visit.

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