a girl is only as good as the shoe she wears

Carrie Bradshaw would be so disappointed.  I’ve let my shoes go to shreds.  For me, buying work shoes is something I dred.  I usually work 10 hour days so a cute pair of skinny heels or a cute wedge sometimes isn’t the best option since the heel wears out so quickly….and I hate my 2 month shoe buying routine I was on.  So, as part of my New Years Resolution this year, I told myself that I would not buy any clothing (including shoes) until Thanksgiving.  Sort of a way to wear all my extra shoes in my closet.  Here is what I started with:
The downside of this is that in March, my shoes were looking pretty rough.  Well this past week at work, someone noticed my shoe failure.  Not only was I missing a heel to the shoe, but the bottom of the shoe started to unravel.  I then re-evaluated all the shoes in my closet and really realized that I would not be able to achieve that New Years Resolution.  Every single pair had something missing and/or was falling apart.
Oh they were in bad shape.  Thank goodness Carrie and I are only friends in my imagination, she would have definitely called a shoe intervention on me.
So, on my extra Holiday my company decided to give us, I decided to stop by DSW shoes to check out their clearance section to see what I could find.  I found these brown leather shoes for $15!!  (as a side note, I went for shoes with thicker heels so avoid having to trade these in sooner rather than later).

Then I found these Liz Claiborne shoes for $30.

And then there were these.  For some reason lately I’ve been a sucker for blue shoes (check out the blue tennis shoes below that my husband bought me for my birthday).  I actually found these shoes back in June at DSW in the clearance section but passed on them.  I knew it was meant to be when I came back and they were marked down even more to $20.

However, looking back, the fact that these slip on shoes were $5 more than the brown pumps I bought above, I probably should have passed a second time.  Although, what’s a little splurge.

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