going once, going twice, SOLD

This past Sunday my dad took me to my first auction.  I have always wanted to go and check one out but to be truthful, I was a little intimidated.  My dad is always looking at adds in newspapers and online for tools he needs or in this case, a pressure washer.  Since I was home, I decided to tag along with him to just “check things out”.  There were so many great things there.  Here’s a summary of what I found.

An old Necchi sewing machine…

With this cute little chair.

A large collection of Harley Davidson accessories:

A fine china set for 8:

A vintage Golden Nugget machine (of which I witnessed an old man who played the machine and won!):

And then there was this, an antique phone seat.  I sooo wanted to stick around to get this for my imaginary daughter (whom I sometimes buy things for and then give to my wonderful niece Josey):

An antique cooler (which would have been a perfect conversation piece for our deck, but again didn’t stick around long enough to see this baby go).

I mentioned my imaginary daughter, well this fan would be perfect for my imaginary son’s nursery don’t you think?

A large amount of Xenians gathered for this event and after looking at the merchandise, I could see why.

And here are the hot items I came home with.  First we have this Craftsman Miter saw that I won (yes, won, it was a battle for me) for a mere $40. woot!

And then there was this jigsaw (with laser and turn dial) that I won for $25…kaboom!

And then these clippers that I won for $2 was icing on the cake!

And the ticket that won it all.

I had so much fun at the auction and this was a great bonding time with my dad.  Oh and Andy loved the tools I got for him.

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