Girl Time!

This past weekend, Christine and I took Friday off and drove to Washington DC on Thursday night to visit our cousin Danielle.  She moved out to Virginia in January of this year for a job.  This was our first trip to visit her and we were so excited.  The remnants of the earthquake and expectation of hurricane cut our trip short but we were able to spend a full day Friday with Danielle (so glad she took that off just for us) where we went into DC to walk around some monuments and go into some museums. 

My sister and I were just at DC around four years ago when we did the whole tourist thing so this trip to DC was more chill, however, the one museum we did want to go into was the American History museum at the Smithsonian since when we were in DC last, this museum was under construction and unavailable.
Did you know that until 1914, an American Indian was on the face of the $5 bill?  This is why I love museums!!
And of course our favorite exhibit was the First Lady exhibit.

First Lady Michelle Obama’s dress from the Inaugural Ball…

And her Jimmy Choos!!!

Christine and Danielle at the National Monument (which of course was closed due to the recent earthquake that caused a crack in the top).
And me, at the monument.

And we found the IRS building…

It was such a good trip, sad it was cut short but another trip to visit her in the spring is in the planning process!  Thanks Danielle for letting us stay with you and steal you for a day for some quality girl time! Miss you!

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