pillows in the making

Well I received my fabric from Fabric.com for the slipcovers.  The view of 8 yards of fabric is actually intimidating.  In order to gain some confidence, I went to my local JoAnn’s fabric shop and picked up some fabric for some pillows I have been wanting to make for our bedroom.  We finally have our bedroom painted and we really need to add some wall art and color.  I thought one way that would allow me to not only get geared up for these slipcovers but also add some color to our bedroom was to first practice my sewing skills on a pillow.

There are many creative pillows out there that other bloggers and DIYers have created so after some Pinterest searching, I came up with some ideas and most importantly a color pallete.  Here is the fabric that I purchased from a recent trip to JoAnn’s.  The best part about this trip is that 2 of the local JoAnn’s stores are closing and joining together for one large JoAnn’s in Colerain.  As such, I was able to snag this fabric for 30% off!!

I started by cutting out the size of the pillow I wanted.  I then gatthered random parts of the pillow with two fingers to make a sort of rouching look.  I simply sewed around my gathered part and wrapped the thread around the gather about 4 times and then tied off the thread.  Here is more of a detailed look to my approach.
Once all of the gathered parts were sewn together, I sewed all of the sides of the pillow up, except for one side, where I could stuff the pillow filler.  I then took one of the 8 ugly pillows that we got for free with our couch and stated stuffing my new pillow.  As much as I don’t like the pillows that came with our couch, I am glad I kept them for my pillow projects.
Once all of the stuffing was inside my new pillow, I hand sewn the opening and voila…a new pillow that I just adore.

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