my attempt at slipcovers…

My mom and grandmother have always had a sewing machine and I would always think I could achieve something really big with it.  You know, be like them.  My mom has made curtains and mended clothes and my grandmother has made pretty much everything down to the clothes for her children.  I aspire to be like these women! I always conjured these “great” summer project ideas like making my own clothes, bedding or even something as basic as a pillow.  A kid has to do something with their summer out of school right?  I always dreamed mine would be a new wardrobe.  I rarely succeeded.

Well, I am finally using the skills my mother taught me (plus some on-line tutorials), to attempt to make some slip covers for two chairs our friends recently betrothed to us.  Check out the dynamic duo below.

My first reaction was that I could totally do this project.  However, when I really started to think about it and plan it out, I realized that the curves of the chair may become my arch-nemesis.  Good news is that the cushions are attached so don’t have to worry about them constantly falling off or making a seperate cover for those.

I decided since I’ve never made a slip cover before, I should practice, a little mock trial if you will.  I went to the nearest Goodwill store and scored some queen size bed sheets for $2.  I borrowed my mom’s sewing machine and got to work (mom if you are listening reading, a sewing machine is on top of my Christmas wish list this year).  Check out the trial run.

This took me awhile just for one slip cover and I actually ran out of fabric towards the end so its a little tighter than I would like, however, I now have enough confidence to buy the actual fabric I want to cover these chairs with.  Well I did some online shopping at one of my favorite fabric sites ( and ordered some samples.  The nice thing about is that they can send you fabric samples for around $1.  I ordered some samples and narrowed it down to 2 fabric choices.

We both agreed on the fabric on the right.  Not only is it a little darker which will hide dirt but the eggshell color on the left is a little see-through and since the chairs are an orange/yellow color, I dont want that to have an impact on the final product. 

I ordered the fabric for these chairs today and should have them within in five business days.  Updates on this project to come (hopefully soon since I borrowed my mom’s sewing machine and she is wanting it back).

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