Bathroom Makeover – Day 28

I remember when I first started posting about the bathroom makeover, I decided to publish posts by day.  Well that idea soon came to a hault when after a full days work, it felt like we got nowhere.  Well I can finally say that our bathroom makeover is COMPLETE!  We finished it in approximately 28 days so one months time isn’t too shabby to completely gut a bathroom and rebuild it floor up.  Although I contributed some long nights after work tiling and drywalling and sanding, the real mastermind behind this bathroom was Andy and I’m so impressed by the great job he did.  We both learned a lot throughout this project and hopefully was a good relationship building exercise for us, because let me tell you, there was more than one day where we wanted to kill eachother.  Let me remind you, neither of us had ever accomplished this kind of home project.

So lets get a recap before I show you the good stuff.  Remember our old bathroom..

And then there was the “let’s try to prime out the texture” attempt…

And remember this bad boy…probably was the result of most of out time spent….

And then there was the issue of the five layers of flooring…

Then we put in new plumbing…

And then we decided to rip out the drywall and re-drywall…that was a long weekend…

And now for the reveal…

We still have a small list of things we want to do to the bathroom (i.e. some DIY artwork, rugs, paint the old doors white) but we now have a new bathroom.  I’d just like to thank everyone who helped, especially my dad who took a week off work and especially my wonderful husband! We will have a house party soon so you all can see it!!!

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