Map + Canvas

I’ve come to love maps.  Not only do they provide direction in a time of need, but for me, they give me future travel dreams.  I love just looking at maps and realizing all the possible travel places I have yet to see.

My recent pinning adventure on Pinterest is where I found this GREAT idea.  I’ve wanted a globe for our office for awhile but realized that this project would not only give our office that last (well almost last – see last picture below) piece of wall art that it needed. 

On a recent trip to Barnes and Noble (one of mine and Andy’s favorite date spots), I found a map on sale for $8 and I knew that my map/canvas project would be one step closer to becoming reality. That same day, I made a trip to Michaels where I knew they were having a huge sale on canvases.  I bought 2 multi-packs for $24 and used all of the canvases except 4.  So overall, this piece of art was less than $30!!

First step was to lay the canvases on the map and figure out placement.

Then I took an exacto knife and a large piece of cardboard and cut out all of the map to fit each piece.  This probably took the longest time.  Next, because the map had a beige tint to it, I bought some almond colored spray paint for $2 (oops, forgot to add that to the budget above) and took the canvases outside to spray down the sides.

Ran into a little problem though, the second I started spray painting, I hear a boom of thunder and looked up to see this dark cloud approaching.
I spray painted as fast as I could and then moved all the canvases into the garage to dry.  Next step, was to take all of my cut-outs and glue them to the canvases.  I used spray adhesive which worked well.  I then used a Starbucks gift card I had lying around and used it to smooth out the bubles on the canvas.

I then (with Andy’s help) hung our new wall art up in the office.

Like I mentioned above, there is only one other thing missing from our office.  That would be my CPA certificate, which hopefully will arrive soon.  Until then, I will have to live with this picture.

It’s nice that Andy and I finally completed one room to our house.  Only 7 more rooms + a basement to go! Our journey continues…

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