Tile Away

Boy what a long night last night was.  Andy and I started tiling around 5:30.  We bought a tile cutter from Lowe’s this past weekend which only cost us $30 and some tile nippers which were around $10.  Our goal was to keep all of our cuts straight cuts except around the toilet flange.  Andy and I both tried the tile cutter and laying the mortar since this was the first time we both have ever laid tile and it was clear where our skills would take us.  Let’s just say that by the end of the night, I viewed myself as a tile cutter master….that is until our blade on the manual tile cutter went dull around 11pm, which halted all other tile cuts until the next day when we could get a new tile cutter.
Once we figured out placement of the tiles (making sure that high traffic areas consisted of whole tiles while those areas in the corner would include the cut tiles), we started laying our first four tiles.  And voila.  Our first four tiles are laid.
Well the night went on and around 1:32am we decided to call it quits for the night since the only other tiles that needed to be laid at this point were the ones we needed to cut but since our tile cutter was temporarily out of business, it was time to step back, admire our nights work and go to bed.

Here is a little snapshot at what I look like at 1:32am after 6 hours of tiling…

Haha…makes me laugh.  I don’t know if I was more in shock, tired or wired from the diet coke I just consumd.

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