His v. Hers

After the two, long days of sanding and painting, Andy and I needed a boost-me-up for motivation for us to get back to work on the bathroom.  One simple solution was to take our BBB gift card and go shopping for a new shower rod for our new shower.  Andy has mentioned wanting a curved rod to allow for more room in the shower. I was envisioning more of an extra-long shower curtain for an elongated effect.

We checked out the prices of rods and shower curtains (since we accidentally shrunk our previous one in the dryer) and decided to take home the curved rod to see what it looked like.  We both actually got what we wanted.   We strategically placed the shower rod higher than normal (not too high though since we have that light close to the shower) to see what it looked like and I loved it.  Also the curved rod really made the shower feel twice as big.  I joked with Andy that I felt like Nemo in the big ocean in that tub.  Not only is our tub bigger than our previous one but the curve of the rod coupled with its placement height really made the illusion that I was wanting.

Also, did you notice those morter lines on the floor?  Yes, tonight Andy and I finished laying the hardibacker board in the thinset morter.  I actually enjoyed laying the thinset and thought I was pretty good at it.  Plus it freed Andy up to screw in the boards which helped us complete this part of the tiling so much faster.

And here is the bathroom as it stands tonight.  The thinset morter will be dry by morning and you know what that means!!! Tiling Time baby!

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