Paint is Up!!!

Well it has been awhile since I have updated everyone on our bathroom remodeling situation.  This past weekend, I took Friday off from work and Andy and I spent all Friday and Saturday sanding down the compound joint, applying more compound joint to problem areas, priming and finally painting the walls. 
Here is a picture of the room from the hallway…
And here is a picture of the bathroom by the window…notice the change in color.  No matter what camera setting, I couldn’t capture the true color on my camera. 

The color we chose was called Brown Buzz by Valspar.  It’s an interesting color and I absolutely knew it was the right choice once we put that first roller to the wall.  It’s also an intriguing color due to the various hews of color it produces based on the light source.  We have one large window in our bathroom by our tub.  The color appears to be a brown near that wall but once you turn the corner to go to the hallway (or future vanity), the color is a definite mellow green color.  The color is pretty much the same color as our shampoo bottle, which is kinda funny.  
You can also see the true color based on this next pic I took of the stir stick.  It’s a fun, vibrant color that would make someone smile when they walk in the room.
This process was in no way glamorous and even resulted in our house getting twice as dusty as it was before.  We decided in the beginning stages of this project to remove the doors to the bathroom so we wouldn’t damage them so when we started sanding, there was no control over the dust situation.  I sometimes swear that when I walk on the carpet upstairs, dust clouds erupt from the surface, like a miniature Iwo Jima event right under my foot.  But we have good news and that is that my parents have let us borrow their carpet cleaner and this weekend will be spent getting our house back in order.  Our next step is laying the hardibacker board and then tile.  I just know that Andy and I will be pushing hard this week to get this project done so our lives can go back to normal and so that we can have a bathroom that we really enjoy.

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