Fantasy Garden

I always find it rejuvenating to plant a seed and watch it grow.   Something about watching life grow…it’s very peaceful for me.  It’s also kinda what I needed after this whole bathroom project chaos (the bathroom is still a work in progress and will post a weekly update soon).
On a recent trip with my mother to Target, I found these cute little plants in their famous dollar section (I don’t know if I have ever not stopped in that section on my way into Target).  My mom had recently bought a similar one and insisted that I get one.  It was only a dollar so why not? 

Good news is that they actually come with more seeds than little pots can hold, which is good because my idea of an oversized pot on the deck to grow herbs is still my goal (although I will probably have to make it a next year goal as this season is coming to an end quick).  Within a few days, sprouts on the chives began to sprout up. It gave me so much joy.
However, the parsley took about a week (actually it took 10 days) for this little sprout to appear.  Nonetheless, I was happy.

And here is a current picture of my little beans (as I didn’t get around to blogging this post until 2 weeks after I bought the plants).

It brightens up my day every time I enter the kitchen.

Ever since we moved into our house, I had a big idea that I would finally be able to have my own garden.  Well as the CPA consumed me this spring, I did not get around to getting that garden that I wanted and now it’s simply an idea in my head that I refer to as Fantasy Garden.  I’ve done a lot of research and planning this summer about what I want to do next year.  I’ve decided that I’m going to create some garden boxes like the ones below.  It will help cut back on weeds and grass growing into the garden and overall just easier to maintain. The draft for Fantasy Garden has already taken place and will include tomatoes, cilantro, peppers (so basically key ingredients for salsa..yum), and romaine lettuce.  I was debating adding  green beans to my Fantasy Garden but Andy’s grandmother gives us 2 big cases of green beans each year so we are good in that department.

In addition to my Fantasy Garden, I will have one, if not two, oversized pots on the back deck with herbs like basil, oregano, chives and parsley.  With summer gearing down, I hope to get these on sale within the next month. Oh how I love to plan.  So between now and next March/April, my garden to-do list includes:
-purchasing 2 oversized pots for deck
-purchasing wood for the garden boxes
-building the garden boxes
-find/buy seeds for the garden and oversized pots
-find/buy topsoil

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