Giving Up.

So our idea of spackling the walls to get rid of the texture just didn’t work.  We had spent hours among hours spackling, sanding, priming the walls to only end up in the end still having textured walls.  So we gave up, threw the towel in and called it quits (actually we called Lowes to get some prices on drywall).  We plummeted head first into our first drywall experience.  Yes, drywall.  Something we were trying to avoid in the beginning but looking back, should have just started with this step. Aaron, Andy’s brother came down Friday to help Andy get started.  That night and all day Saturday, Andy and I spent drywalling our bathroom.  It was a messy dusty job but we got it done and it looks sooooooo much better than the textured walls from before.

Here’s a little before drywall shot, basically what I’d had come home to after work on Friday, not knowing Andy was going to rip up all the walls. I was shocked, yet pleasantly surprised….this meant no more textured walls.

And this is us/Andy working Friday night into the early hours of the morning and then again all day Saturday…

And we are done dryawalling!!!! Time to rest.

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