Bathroom Makeover – Days 6, 7 and 8

Like the last post, these three days seem to run together.  We didn’t realize all of the inconsistencies our bathroom entailed.  We My dad and Andy had spent a lot of hours just getting the bathroom prepped so that we could put a tub and other features like tile in.  Here is a re-cap of all that was accomplished the last three days.

We reinforced the wall behind the head of the tub for the spout, shower head, towel bars for the other side of the wall, and even the shower curtain bar. 

We also reinforced the 2×4’s behind the main wall of the tub. 
Another obstacle that the corner walls where the tubs sat were not perpendicular.  Therefore, there were uneven gaps between the tub and the walls, in which we had to get some plywood and reinforce the tub.
Next came soldering the pipes.  Let me tell you that Andy and I both learned a great deal about soldering through the knowledge of my father. 

Next came permanently setting the tub in, which required mortor mix.  And of course, we had to finish the plumbing.
Then of course come the surrounding walls, faucet and shower head.

And at the end of day 8, we have a running tub, with hot water and all. And a very happy Jenna who can finally take a bath.  Look at how awesome that tub is!

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