Bathroom Makeover – Day Four and Five

Days four and five were so busy and so much happening that I can barely remember where day four ended and where day five began.  My parents got to our house around noon on Saturday (day four).  We showed dad the bathroom and the work that we had already done and basically took instructions from him as to what our next step would be.  We knew we had to get the tub out so it started with the tub walls.  We stripped the tub walls and then realized that our water damage from the shower had also rotted out the hardie backer boards that were originally put in place. Therefore, our next step was to take down the hardie-backer boards.
Then came the tub.  After a few plumbing difficulties, the tub was out.  We ended up having to cut some water pipes but figured since these pipes had once before leaked that they should be replaced to prevent future leaks.

Once the tub was removed, we realized that the layer of linoleum that we had removed was one of 5 layers of linoleum and thin plywood.  So our next task was to remove the remaining 4 levels of flooring to get to the subfloor.  Since we will be tiling the bathroom, it was important for us to make sure the sub-floor was sturdy and level and in good shape so this step was essential.

Because there were 5 total layers of flooring above the subfloor, there were layers that were more difficult than others.  We used all the resources we had, including my parents.  Out came the shovels and hoes.
Next we had to remove all of the staples that were popping out of the subfloor in order to have a smooth surface for tiling.  This task was given to my mom and I and I like to think we did a pretty good job of it.  We also could examine the water damage better with all of the floors up. With water damage visible to the subfloor, we began cutting out pieces of the subfloor.  Before we put new subfloor down, we reinforced the cross beams.  End of day five occurred with the nailing of the subfloor over the new supported cross beams.  It was finally a celebration.  We had worked hard for two full days and didn’t see much results, just tearing down old drywall and floor.  But the end of the day resulted in a NEW floor being put down. 
At the end of the two day demolition experience, we had this pile of flooring and bathtub sitting in our yard.  Until Wednesday when Rumpke comes to pick up the tub, toilet and vanity, our yard is going to look like a junk yard.
The other HUGE happening to our bathroom this weekend was that my dad was able to put in another outlet.  Before, we had this 2-safety outlet by the vanity.
Because we took down all the walls around the shower, we now had access to the back side of the outlet and my dad worked his magic and was able to get us another 2-outlet in there.  I was ecstatic.  We weren’t expecting to update the outlet but when my dad told us he could do it, we were on board and of course shouted for joy.
Day 6 is up next.  Although I won’t be there to help Andy and my dad this week, I do know that they are going to work on reinforcing the 2×4’s around the tub. 

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