Thursday night, as sort of a getaway from our bathroom/house chaos and mess, we decided to meet Andy’s parents up in Waynesville for a night of boating on Caesars Creek.  Andy’s parents recently bought their boat from Sherry’s brother and the boat has recently been painted as a surprise by Mike’s friends, so we were anxious to take this “new” boat out on the lake with Mike and Sherry.

It was such a beautiful day and a great way to spend a Thursday evening.

Since we brought our camera, we decided to do a mini photo shoot with Mike and Sherry and their new joy in life.  And what a better backdrop than the gorgeous sky that was occuring.

This picture I give props to Andy.  What a great photo.

This small trip up to Waynesville was a great night and a great way to get away from our bathroom construction for awhile.  It felt like a mini-vacation before the work ahead of us when my parents come down this weekend.

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