Family and Fireworks

Every fourth of July, my family likes to get together for the holiday weekend down at Lake Cumberland.  In the past, we usually rent a cabin for a week and spend the whole week boating, swimming, playing tennis and camp fires.  As we are all growing up and getting big time jobs, we now have made it a tradition to go down on the long fourth of July weekend.  Andy and I were really looking forward to this fourth of July getaway in order to reconnect with family and get some good hours on the boat.  We didn’t  take many pictures this year so I guess we had too much fun and forgot about capturing some moments. 
Brent and his girlfriend Jess (whom we just love) tubing

Christine and Corey (whom we also just adore)

Patrick trying to read all HP’s by the time the movie comes out on 7/15, he is on book 5.  Keep reading!

And Mrs. Big Shot here slaloming

My awesome husband

The crew we dropped off so a few people could try some slalom

Brent skiing away

And our famous group pic…next time we will plan better so we all aren’t wearing white (which pales us out and creates a halo effect coupled with the sun)

And of course the parents…what a great picture

Sunday was probably the longest day I’ve spent on a boat.  We got out to the lake around 11am and didn’t leave until midnight.  I don’t know what other family can spend that much time with the same people on a crammed boat and get along so well.

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