Bathroom Makeover – Day One/Two

Day one and two of our bathroom makeover were pretty much the same.  It was prep work before my dad got down here.  The task = figure out what to do with our textured walls.  Take a look at a close-up of the walls:

Almost makes me cringe every time I look at them.  Ok, it’s not that bad but I do dislike them.  We Andy figured the cheapest way (although time consuming) would be to just get a huge bucket of spackle and just begin filling in the increases in the wall.  He started on this small section while I was at work.  He spackled, sanded and primed.  By the time I got home, it was dry and looked great.  Problem however was that section took Andy about 3 hours (insert groan).  Good news however was that I helped Andy that night (and the next).

Including spackling some walls, I played power woman and took down the cabinet above the toilet and the in-wall mirror above the sink.

And then comes this.  All walls spackled.  Looks kinda cool if you ask me.  Next step, sanding.  Boy was that miserable.  Dust everywhere.  We were able to sand the whole thing in one night and Andy even stayed up late to get a coat of primer on the walls after I helped clean all the dust from the floor and walls.

Us after a days nights hard work.

That same night (however I had gone to bed so I could get up for work the next morning) so I actually snapped this picture the next morning.

On to day three…

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