Bathroom Makeover – Before

Well it’s time for us to start our bathroom remodeling journey.  My father graciously took a week off of work to help us with this project.  This is by far the largest DIY project we have undertaken ever.  Our plans, gut the entire thing (salvaging walls).  The reason for our bathroom project so soon after we bought the house is because of the water damaged floor next to the tub.  You can kinda see it in the picture below (see the linoleum coming up).  We are anxious to get in and see just how much damage we have and hopeful its only that section of the bathroom and can salvage the remaining floor.  As for the other parts of the bathroom, we figured if you are going to strip down the floor to the subfloor, might as well as replace the tub, toilet and vanity.  We are doing it all baby.  We have saved, planned and are ready to get the ball rolling.

Of course with any project, you must snap some before photos so you can compare throughout the process.  See a couple of the before photos to this project below.

And here is all of our big purchases just waiting to be installed (i.e. toilet, sink, tile, tub, vanity and tub walls).   We found the tub, tub walls and vanity/sink duo at Menards in Fairfield (which just opened this year, so we were excited to take a trip up there) and the toilet at Lowe’s (our favorite home project store). We are ready for this project and excited to get it started.

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