1/2 Bath Makover

Since all the walls on the first floor were painted, we finally got up enough courage and motivation to tackle the 1/2 bath.  You would think that because it was such a small space, we wouldn’t dread it so much.  Wrong.  First problem was that there was a tile towel rack on the wall next to the toilet.  You know those tile towel racks that you would find on a wall with tile? Yes those, that is what they had but on drywall.  You can’t see it so much from the picture below but when we went to take it down, we ended up with 2 big holes in the wall, which required research by us as to how to patch them.  Andy did a good job with creativity and was patched before I came home that night!
The next obstacle was the light.  Again, poor before photo shot on my part because you can’t see the light from the picture below, but Andy had a rough time putting up the new light. 
Then with every small space, the biggest challenge was actually standing inside the bathroom to paint it.  I actually had no part in the bathroom remodeling as Andy did it all one day while I was at work…and we didn’t have to spend money on paint since we had extra from the other rooms in our house.

Below are the 2 after pictures.  The bathroom now matches the other color pallete of the house. 
The items we purchased for the 1/2 bath include a new light (Lowe’s), new mirror (Lowe’s), new toilet seat cover (Lowe’s) and new tp and towell holders (which we scored from Home Goods for $7 a piece!).  And of course, the DIY paint chip art work was all free (see prior post on making of this piece).

And that is our 1/2 bath transformation. 
Coming soon: updates and information on our upstairs bathroom transformation.  Demolition begins this week!

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