paint chip what?

This past week I tackled a great DIY wall art idea.  Inspiration was taken from this blog to create my great wall art.  Here is the inspirational photo:

And here is what I did.  First I got a piece of plywood.  The actual size I used was 24″ x 24″.  Because the paint chips are less than 3″ wide, I had to cut all of my squares down so I could fit even squares across the board.  I first however painted the side of the plywood black to give it a colored border.  I just used regular acrylic paint, nothing fancy.
Next, I bought some spray adhesive. I started spraying both the board and the paint chips but later found that when I would go and spray the board after I’ve already layed some paint chips, the spray adhesive would get on the chips I’ve already laid.  So towards the end, I just sprayed the paint chips, which gave me the same result.

After all the paint chips were laid out, I applied mod podge both directions.  After 2 layers of mod podge, I applied a thin layer of white accrylic paint.  I wasn’t so happy about the bold colors and felt like it needed to be toned down a little.  I do however wish I would have applied the white tint before I mod podged the board up, but live and learn.

Here is the final product, which we have decided to hang in our 1/2 bath to give it some color.

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