Whipp Family Vacation

This was my first vacation with Andy’s family.  We’ve been together over 7 years but for some reason, family vacations with the Whipp family never seemed to work out until this year.  As such, I was very excited to spend some quality time with everyone.  We spent most of our days just lounging at the beach and the pool.

I was able to catch up on some reading. My reading list included The Alchemist, The Help and Little Bee…all fantastic books.

The beach really wore the kids out.  As you can tell from this picture, Colton and Josey love their uncle Andy!

There was one day where the swamp fires had caused a large amount of smoke in the air.  We decided on that day to take a road trip to St. Augustine to check out the city.  We enjoyed walking around, some fried plantanes at a local Cuban restaurant, perusing through unique shops and a stop at the lighthouse.

Once the smoke lifted the next day, it was back to the beach!

One very tired little girl.

Our attempt at family photos.  Andy and I are sooo not photogenic as you can tell by the next couple of pictures.

One night we met up with Greg’s family who live in St Augustine for pizza.  Colton was running around afterwards and fell and scraped his knee.  Uncle Aaron was there to the rescue putting those med school skills to good use.  It was such a cute moment.

The last night in Jacksonville, we all went out on the beach for some last time fun.

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