Happy 1 Year!

Andy and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary 2 weekends ago.  Here’s a glimpse from the past.

We couldn’t believe how fast that first year went.  Andy came up with a big plan to celebrate our 1 year (i.e. relive that night and stay at the same hotel, go to the church where we got married and check out our reception venue).   I was so excited when he told me the plans, however, we already had plans that weekend, including a Deloitte cook-out and a baby shower, so we put a hault on our big celebration plans.  Another deciding factor was the price of the hotel room. $170 a night is a little too pricy for us right now with all of our home projects going on.

Sunday, June 26th was the actual day of our anniversary and we celebrated by going to Don Pablo’s.  We figured since we went to Mexico on our honeymoon, we should celebrate this day with some guacamole.  Lunch followed by some shopping at Home Goods and then we came home and drank attempted to drink our bottle of wine from our wine time capsule we had at the wedding.  See below

We did a very poor job preserving the wine from our wine table after the wedding.  The wine sat in Andy’s non air-conditioned apartment for 2 weeks while we were in Mexico.  Then it sat in our non airconditioned house all year (don’t worry, we finally have air). 
Nonetheless, we read everyone’s messages and looked at our photo albums and watched our DVD.  It was a good hour remembering that special day.  I can’t wait to see what this next year brings.

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