Vegas Baby!

This past April, Andy and I took a trip to Vegas with our friends Matt and Amy.  We scheduled the trip around Andy’s spring break (which is a lot later than other schools and caused me not to take my first day of PTO til end of April, which almost KILLED me).  It was a nice 3 day getaway…just the right amount of time for Vegas really.

The first stop we made out of the airport was at a local liquor store where we could stock up for the week and avoid having to pay ridiculous alcohol prices on the strip. $150 for 4 people for 3 days, that should about do it.

Our stash in our room.  The first item on Andy’s agenda, vodka red bull..

The Ice Men who got us ice everyday.

What is Vegas without a walk through the Bellagio Hotel and point out scenes from the Ocean movies??

Or in this case, this fantastic umbrella display.

The newest hotel and casino was the Cosmopolitan. There were diamonds jewels everywhere. Probably one of my favorite casinos.

We tried our luck at gambling, mainly the computer games.  I kept telling Andy that this was a learning experience.  Although we ended up $140 in the hole (I know for real gamblers that is winning but it was a large hit for us), we did find this Noah’s Ark game that was very promising.  We won about $20 on it in the first few rounds, we had no clue how the game worked, we just kept pressing buttons.  It was here were I compared a casino to Captain Bogey’s.
We stayed at the Aria Hotel & Casino.  It is only a year old and we got a pretty good deal on it.  We would recommend this hotel to everyone.  The rooms were very nice.  I was worried at first about us staying in a casino as there would be a lot of random people walking around the hotel but the hotel was very well secluded from the casino.  Below is a view from the pool where we spend one day just relaxing and playing cards.  We had to practice black jack in preparation for the table that night!
Since Elvis was in our building, we decided to check the show out on our last night in Vegas.  We waited to get Cirque du Soleil tickets until we got to Vegas.  I have been in the past and there are street vendors on every corner practically selling discounted tickets for 1/2 price at times.  However, the show we wanted to see was O by Cirque du Soleil but realized when we got there that if you want to see the most popular show in Vegas, you will need to order your tickets ahead of time (as well as pay an arm and a leg for them).  We got Elvis tickets for $60 each, which was down from $100 a ticket.

I fell in love with this I heart Elvis purse…it was locked up under glass so I can only imagine how much it was.  Inspiration for a future DIY project…
And what is a blog post without me sharing with you this wonderful chandelier.  In case you didn’t know, I have an obsession with chandeliers and there were some amazing one’s in Vegas.  This one was unpredictable and found at the Sugar restaurant on the strip, a quaint indoor/outdoor restaurant with a Parisian feel.  Besides the service, it was a great place to stop and eat.

In the words of Elvis “Viva Las Vegas!” 

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