As I have been MIA studying for really the past 9 months to a year (what a way to spend our first year of marriage), I can now say that I am a CPA.  Well almost.  I have a few more steps to do but the hard part is over, that is, taking the four expensive exams.  I passed the last exam today!

Although it’s not the best score, it’s passing, which is really all that matters when it comes to the CPA.  I’m just full of praises to the Lord right now. I’m so thankful that my July and the start of my second year of marriage will be spent working and hanging out with friends and family versus working and studying, which is what I felt like I did the majority of the time during our first year of marriage.
Although I still need to do an online ethics exam and get a background check, the hard work is over and I should be a CPA by this fall.  A big thanks goes out to Andy for his patience during this past year and having to put up with my stress of studying.

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