Sleepover Anyone?

We are currently taking offers from family members and friends who would like to stay as a guest in our house.  We have completed the guest bedroom!  Although, I don’t really know how the guest bedroom moved up on our DIY list as we don’t predict anyone needing to stay over as family and friends all live relatively close to us.  Also don’t know why we decided to decorate this room before our master bedroom (which is still an ugly baby blue color).  Oh well.  I am happy with the results and now have a place for our guests to stay. 

Step 1 to a guest room: Clean the clutter from the move

Step 2: Choose paint color (Again, a little darker than what I wanted but let Andy have it due to my child methodology that I get to choose color when we have kids). P.S. the purchase of a guest bed is what sparked our interest in completion of this room before our bedroom.  Can’t pass up a good deal on a bed!

Step 3: Go crazy at Ikea!
Andy jokes because we got the whole room practically from Ikea (bed frame, bed spread, throw and even the wicker chair that I love…however, it won’t be long til I move that chair downstairs to the living room).  This room looks so good I’m considering marketing a bed and breakfast for this room on craigslist…Andy makes some mean pancakes.

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