Quick Face Lift

We have big dreams for our kitchen, just not yet, in the future, probably way future.  Actually, we have our fingers crossed that some of the appliances go out before our home warranty is up but our fridge looks like it’s in for the long haul.  All we did was give our kitchen some new color.  I’ve mentioned before but I absolutely hated the color that the previous owners had.  They either needed to go lighter or darker but instead went with this yellowy-orange color.  Here are some before pictures:

Speaking of which, who has a ceiling fan in their kitchen. We have found it extremely awkward and are looking into alternative options. Hopefully coming soon.  With a little paint, a wonderful husband and long weeknights of painting, we get this:

At first I was nervous about the color, mainly how dark it was.  Afterwards though, I fell in love with the contrast.  I really noticed that I loved the color based on this photo that was taken in March 2011 when Aaron and his girlfriend Sara and my in-laws came down for some delicious cookie cake (tradition in the Whipp family).
And notice in the top right corner above the refrigerator our boxes of green beans from Grandma Rains.  I think it’s going to take us all year to get through all those green beans! We love them though!

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