Study Study Study

Those three words were said a lot between Andy and I during our first six months of marriage.  Andy was studying for his masters and I, the CPA.  There were many nights where we went our seperate ways in order to study.  That being said, we instantly knew the second room we wanted to transform, the 3rd bedroom to an office. Afterall, one of the main reasons we jumped on buying a house versus renting was the fact it was hard for two human beings to be effective studiers every night in a one bedroom apartment.

Here is the study before (previous owners had two little girls and what I thought two cute bedrooms)

Next step, choosing paint color.  I wanted a light blueish/gray, Andy, dark blue. I wonder who will win this battle?

I gave in and let Andy paint it the color he wanted.  After all, we all know that when kids come along, I will be choosing the color of this room so might as well give this one to him.  Overall it didn’t turn out too bad.  Yes I will admit it that I kinda like it.  It does get very dark at night but hopefully adding some ceiling fans this summer will help with the lighting issue.  Check out the after photos:

Just like couch shopping, desk shopping didn’t go well either.  Everything was overpriced for the quality.  So our solution, Andy the Carpenter.  He built this desk and we spend practically a whole week, every weeknight pre-staining, staining and a finishing coat.  Overall, as our first piece of furniture we built without a saw (Home Depot does free cuts for you if you know your measurements!), plans or experience, I think it turned out pretty well.

And to top the room off, my Aunt Brenda gave us this nice chair that she was no longer using.  It works well with the room, plus it was free, our favorite kind of furniture!

This room has gotten a lot of use both of us this past year.  Let’s hope all that studying paid off (fingers crossed).

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