Cats Cats Cats

When my brother told us about his last performance at XHS, I was excited to see him perform one last time on stage before he graduates.  Musicals and singing are not part of what my family is known for.  However, Patrick’s sophomore year, he thought he’d go for it and boy were we surprised not only by his performances but his friends performances (who knew these boys could sing)? 

The last performance at XHS this year was their traditional cabaret with productions from Cats, You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown, Seussical and many others.  The whole gang came opening night to catch his last performance.

The Siebel Family and Amanda
Emma, Christine, Corey, Jess, Brent and Brenda

George, Beth, Mom and Dad

And then came the opening act…we were all searching for Patrick and then out comes this cat with a mane..yep that’s him.  Here is a brief clip of his performance.  If you listen carefully, you can hear Beth in the background. 

Let’s just say that Christine, Mom and I went back for seconds the next night!  It was a great performance by the whole cast.  Besides the cat scene, my favorite was hearing Patrick’s life-long friend, Brian, sing Mr. Cellophane from the musical Chicago.  Who knew that boy could sing?

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