The Inaugural Picture (s)

While Andy was out of town chaperoning the 8th grade DC trip, I took it upon myself to put the first nail hole in our walls after the house was hit with a fresh coat of paint.  Andy did such a great job painting that it only felt right that I could contribute to the walls somehow. My first project, get some art on the upstairs hallway walls.

I did have many reservations about nailing in the first nail, I even hung up paper the size of the frame by tape just to make sure my placement was right and minimum nail holes (as I know Andy would not be happy if I go and butcher the walls up with holes while he’s out of town…I can only imagine that conversation).

Next came the frames.  I was working up in West Chester for awhile and that meant me taking trips to Ikea during my lunch break.  Personally, I don’t know a better way to spend my lunch ($1 hotdogs baby!).  I grabbed these $5 frames which I knew instantly was a steal.  I’ve been shopping for frames for awhile but the cheapest I could find elsewhere were around $8 * 6 frames is $42, something I just wasn’t ready to spend on frames.

I especially loved this project for the simple pleasure of going through our wedding picutres Chris took for us.  I was pleasantly surprised when Andy came home later that week and loved what I have done to the hallway wall.  Maybe now I can move on to a main wall down stairs…

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