Family Room Transformation

When we moved into the house, the furniture that we brought included 1 couch, 1 tv, 1 bed and 2 dressers.  We knew that the first room we had to tackle was the family room since that is where we would spend most of our time.  It took us quite a few months to make our house feel like home.

The before picture of our family room.  My biggest pet peave of the house was the color palette the previous owners used.  Good thing my husband is a good painter!

Couch shopping was so fun but as Andy and I (really just me) poor decision makers and as I have a need to see all couches available for purchase before I actually make a decision, this was a long process.  We found these two couches at Morris Furniture.  Our original plan was a sectional, however, due to the width of our room (or lack there of), we quickly came to realization that a sectional just wouldn’t work.  Therefore, time to look for a couch/loveseat duo. 

Looking back, I don’t know if I would be able to go through that process again for awhile.  I wanted a certain couch, Andy another. We could never agree on anything. Finally, we both gave in and this was the result.

We still plan on adding more furniture to this room (i.e. an accent chair, a nice colorful rug, new pillows (I despise the one’s the couch came with), and a coffee/side table).  I have aspirations of building a coffee table based on Ana White’s help but we will see how that goes.

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