Welcome to the Neighborhood!!!

It didn’t take us long to meet some of our neighbors.  With Andy teaching down the street, we had a large amount of connections between teachers in the area and students who took pride in knowing where Mr. Whipp lives.  It was actually the students who took no time to welcome us into the neighborhood by a little white love..and no, it wasn’t snow.

Although I can’t really blame the neighborhood kids…Andy thought the kids were doing a poor job so went out to lend them a hand.  It’s then that I was able to get an understanding about Andy’s expertise in toilet-papering.  Fun Fact – Cleanup Tip: light one end of the toilet paper on fire and poof the tp burns up resulting in easy cleanup.  However, taking into consideration it was a fall day with very dry foliage, we had a garden hose standing by, just in case.

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